Group Health

Group Health Insurance

Health Insurance for You and Your Employees

We do the work for you. All we ask from you is a complete census of your employees and some basic information. We discuss your needs, obtain quotes from a variety of providers, and make a recommendation for your company to best meet your needs at the highest possible value. We write business in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

We won’t ask for your business unless we can get you better coverage at a lower cost. If we meet that criteria, we’ll even come out and conduct a meeting with your employees to explain the coverage and get them signed up. That saves you valuable time in the long run, as your employees understand their new programs. Each employee receives a business card so they can call us with questions (instead of pestering you), and there are no costly delays due to incomplete paperwork. You’ll spend less time trying to track down employees who “haven’t gotten around to” filling out their forms yet.

Any of our health insurance programs can be bundled with a full array of ancillary benefits. We can customize a complete benefits package based on your specifics..

Group Health

Agency Associates offers a full range of health insurance products from local, regional, and national carriers. Products are available, both on and off the Marketplace (“Obamacare”). Ask us about the potential tax benefits of the group plans through the Marketplace.

Self Funded Health

Self funded health insurance is an increasingly attractive option for many businesses. A business can essentially cover its employees for day to day usage and costs, while protecting against catastrophic losses via a carrier; all at a reduced monthly premium cost.

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs offer a win/win scenario for your business! A healthier employee base results in lower usage costs through the insurance, as well as less lost work time. Good company outcomes may qualify you for lower premiums too.