Group Dental, Vision, & Disability Insurance

Group Dental, Vision and Disability Insurance


Ancillary Products are extra coverages that are typically outside the scope of your average health insurance policy. In most cases, even the new Obamacare plans do not provide dental, vision or disability coverage (with some exceptions). We can offer these products on a stand alone basis to add extra benefits to your individual, employer, or Obamacare Marketplace plan.

We have a truly unique group plan available that will help you as the employer contain your costs, while allowing you to offer a customized benefit package to all of your employees. 

A recent Willis Towers Watson study showed that 75% of employees reported to be more likely to stay with an employer based on their benefit program, which just goes to show the importance of the benefits being offered by companies, and more importantly, how those benefits are being communicated and explained to employees. Our target market is employers with 20 or fewer employees. Because we know that small business owners wear 17 different hats throughout the day, we step in to help educate your employees about their benefits. 

We help them sign up and answer their questions. Why? Because we recognize that a person running a small business doesn’t have TIME to become a benefits expert. That’s why you’re contacting us in the first place!


Dental Insurance

These programs can include preventative (cleanings and yearly bite-wing X-rays), basic services (such as fillings and simple extractions), and major services (crowns, bridges, implants and dentures to name a few).

Vision Insurance

Our vision is something that many of us take for granted. We usually only go to the doctor when we notice that we can’t see anymore. Vision coverage makes preventative care and updated vision prescriptions more affordable. Many employers find that there are fewer accidents and mistakes in the workplace when their employees can see what they are doing. Contact us to see if a vision plan makes sense for your company and your employees.

Disability Insurance

Risk Factor

Many employers are faced with offering lower wages than their competitors and find it difficult to find and retain qualified workers


Offering a short-term and/or long-term disability program can provide prospective and current workers with another form of financial stability. And employee may be offered a higher wage elsewhere, but are they offered protection if that paycheck stops due to pregnancy, illness, or other disability? How will they pay the mortgage or other bills? Employers offering a disability plan can provide peace of mind to their employees and gain an advantage over those that don’t.

Short Term Disability

Short term disability coverage prevents your employees from experiencing financial ruin due to a limited inability to work. It also gives them the opportunity to continue meeting their bills while they recover from an illness or injury, so they don’t rush back to work too soon, sustaining further injury that can have an even greater impact on your business.


A truly catastrophic loss may result in years of lost income. Long term income replacement options provide security when it is most needed.