Insurance for Businesses

Business Owners Insurance (BOP)

A business owners policy combines business property and business liability insurance into one bundled policy. These policies are customized and usually have packages that add coverages for the most important risks for your specific type of operations.

Your business is as unique as you are, but it definitely needs Liability Insurance. If you own any tangible property that you use in the course of running your company, you also need Property Insurance and/or an Inland Marine policy to cover tools and equipment. In addition to these basic packages, we can help you select from optional coverages like:

  • Business Auto Insurance
  • A business catastrophe liability/umbrella policy that is designed to protect against large losses. For the typical business, the umbrella policy would provide protection over and above general liability and auto liability policies.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) that provides protection against claims brought by employees alleging discrimination, wrongful termination or harassment, including sexual harassment.
  • Other specialized liability insurance policies or endorsements that are designed to meet specific needs of particular businesses. They may include:
    • Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O)
    • Professional Liability Insurance
    • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O)

General Liability Insurance

Companies of all sizes have a certain amount of risk. Our agents will help you identify the areas of concern with your business and address them with the coverage that makes the most sense for you. 

Business Auto Insurance

Your business owns cars and trucks. Or maybe you own a business and use your personal auto in the course of your normal business operations. If you use your car, truck, or van for anything other than a commute to and from work, you need either a business use endorsement on your personal auto policy or a business auto insurance policy. We offer coverage for anything from a single vehicle to a whole fleet of trucks…or busses.

Whether you have one vehicle or a whole fleet, we can help you implement custom coverage that will protect your business and personal assets from the additional exposure that commercial vehicles bring with them.

Trucking companies require special handling. We are well-versed in writing trucking risks with DOT and MC designations, state and federal filings required, as well as dry cargo and refr coverage. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance goes hand-in-hand with liability insurance. The property insurance protects your tangible property, i.e.: buildings & contents from losses due to fire, theft, weather, and many other perils. We make sure you have adequate limits to rebuild your building from the ground up with like kind and quality of construction. We then add full replacement cost coverage on your contents so you can get your company back up and running as quickly as possible.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

A business catastrophe liability or umbrella policy is designed to protect against large losses. For the typical business, the umbrella policy would provide protection over and above general liability and auto liability policies. You must have a general liability and/or commercial auto liability policy in place in order to write an umbrella policy. 

It is important to note that personal umbrella policies only cover personal losses. Commercial umbrella policies cover only business losses and never the twain shall cross. 

Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI)

As an employer, you face employment practices lawsuits alleging sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and other employment issues. You don’t even have to be guilty to be accused by a vengeful former employee.

We’ll work with you to help you assess and manage your risk proactively.

Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance

Errors & Omissions liability insurance is necessary for businesses that consult, make recommendations, or offer advice. You don’t even have to be guilty to have a suit brought against you! Your E&O also covers your legal counsel expenses.

The best practice we can recommend to you is to DOCUMENT EVERYTHING (see? that’s us making a professional recommendation, but it’s okay. We have E&O coverage.)

Sometimes mistakes happen, however one simple mistake shouldn’t bring your entire company to financial ruin.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance


Directors & Officers are held personally liable for their business decisions and can be sued as individuals.

Your Board of Directors and Officers provide an invaluable service to your company. Return the favor by protecting them from claims brought against them in the course of their work as leadership for your business.

Crime Insurance

Every company, regardless of size, is a potential target for white collar crime.

Crime Insurance and Financial Institution Bonds provide coverage for loss of money, securities, or other assets resulting from acts such as employee theft, embezzlement, certain types of fraud by third parties (forgery, for example), theft of property from the premises, and social engineering (impersonation fraud).

Builders Risk Insurance

Did you know you can protect your properties while they’re under construction? Builders risk insurance protects from risks like fire, theft of building materials, and liability for the premises.

Liquor Liability Insurance

As a business that serves alcohol, liquor liability insurance is essential. This type of policy protects you and your business in the unfortunate event that a customer causes damage or injury after being served alcohol by your business.

Special Event Insurance

The stress and cost of organizing a special event is tough enough. The last thing you need to worry about is the financial risk you could face if something were to go wrong! Special event insurance removes this burden and allows you to focus on the event.

Note: During this pandemic, event cancellation insurance is not available for purchase, however, you can still obtain a liquor liability policy for your event.

Surety Bond

A surety bond is a great way to guarantee that a large investment in a project is not lost—whether or not the work gets done. This type of insurance is especially common in the construction industry, and is often utilized for government contracts.

Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance is coverage that protects your business property while it’s away from your business location. We’ll help you ensure that your property is protected not only at your location but also while it is off-site or in transit.

Systems Breakdown Insurance

Systems breakdown insurance covers the sudden and accidental, physical damage to owned equipment that requires repair or replacement. 

We’ll design comprehensive coverage to protect your business against a financial disaster.

Key Man Life Insurance

Congratulations! You’ve just landed the biggest project of your company’s history! And this < guy? He’s the lynch-pin of the entire project. He has been involved since the beginning, understands what the clients want AND all of the details how to make it happen. Unfortunately for you (and him), he was involved in a fatal car accident on the way to work this morning.

Are you concerned about how your company would continue to function if you lost a key person? Maybe that person has a specific skill-set that would be difficult to replace? We also offer “key man” life insurance. While nothing can replace that person, the coverage will provide a benefit to help your company get back on its feet and give you time and funds to help you find a suitable candidate for the job.

Key man life insurance can keep your business afloat in the event of the death of any employee who is an integral asset to the company’s survival. We’ll work with you to design coverage that helps assure continuity of your business for employees, customers and creditors.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Fiduciary liability insurance protects individuals acting as ERISA fiduciaries against fiduciary-related claims of mismanagement of a company’s employee benefit plan. We’ll work with you to ensure that employee benefits are handled responsibly and your trustees are protected.

We know that you cannot outrun your risk, but you can be ready for it. What if a hurricane causes you to lose power to your building and your operations cease, or if a fire severely damages your building? You shouldn’t have to pay for this yourself, and with the right protection, you won’t have to. Our insurance advisors can help you identify gaps in coverage, look for ways to save money and keep your assets and income protected.