Personal Lines – Procedures, Processes and Underwriting Guidelines


  • Appetite - Tiny homes, Air B&B, Vacant (3,6,12 month terms will auto-renew if they make next payment), Permanent Site Travel Trailer, Any dog breed, Protection classes 8-10 OK, Mobile/Mfg Home w/no supplemental heating (<20 years old repl cost, > 20 years ACV), Rentals (up to 12 locations on a single policy and up to 4 units in each location), Home Flippers, Under Reno, DP3 RC available for homes 80 years or newer owner or tenant occupied **
  • Quote - Not available in EZLynx Rater
  • Downloads Enabled - yes
  • Claims -
    • PHONE: 1-800-233-2160
  • Contact Info:
    • HOME OFFICE PHONE: 1-800-233-2160
  • Training -
    • General Portal Dwelling Fire - How to quote:
    • Manufactured Home Program -
    • Real-time endorsement Processing -
    • Navigating the Home Screen -
Specialty Home, Rentals, boat/personal watercraft, Collector Car, manufactured home, motorcycle
Specialty Home, Rentals Must install link on desktop to click into quoting/servicing system
Dwelling, Mobile Home
Non-Standard Auto


Non-Standard Auto


  • Preferred Auto & Home
  • Boat Rules -
  • Dwelling Fire Rules -
  • Personal Umbrella -
  • Home Rules -
  • Underwriting Rules -
  • Ineligible Vehicle List -
  • Underwriting Guidelines
    • Home -
    • Auto -
    • Boat -
    • Mobile Home -
    • Dwelling -
    • Landlord -
  • Auto
    • Auto Plus Endorsement -
    • Rate Protection Endorsement -
  • Home
    • Prohibited Dogs -
  • Claims -
  • E-Signatures - E-signatures can be completed through the Erie system or through EZLynx. If you do them outside of Erie's system:
    • For automatic payments transactions: If the Bank Account Holder's signature is not completed within 15 days on an ACH Authorization form, enrollment and bank account payment(s) will not be processed. The policy/policies will then be removed from automatic payments.
      • If for any reason an ACH Authorization form originally intended to be electronically signed is printed and signed on paper, it must be faxed to Cash Processing at 814-461-7464.
    • For new business transactions: Any applications that have not been signed by both the Customer and Agent within 23 days (16 days for DC) will be subject to cancelation. Once the eSignature process is started in DSpro Web, if for any reason the application is printed and signed on paper, it must be uploaded through the eSignature Dashboard.



  • Non-Standard Auto
  • Non-standard personal lines: Founders specializes in handling the most difficult risks. Whether the problem is poor driving record, poor credit score, financial responsibility requirements, an international or out-of-state license, or coverage lapses
  • SR22 filing
  • International and out-of-state driver’s licenses
  • Policies must be distributed BY THE AGENT. 
  • Limits up to $100,000 / $300,000 / $50,000
  • Underwriting Manual - Auto
  • Underwriting Manual - Home
  • Homeowners Quick Facts Guide
Complete online capabilities, including:
Preferred Auto & Home
Classic/Antique Auto & Fancy boats HAGERTY INSURANCE - Classic & Antique Auto, Boat, Vehicle under construction, cherished salvage, automobilia, traveling collector, modified vehicles, collector motorcycles and scooters, antique tractors, classic military vehicles, retired commercial vehicles, motorsports insurance
Non-Standard Home Hanover Fire & Casualty Insurance Company provides Basic Dwelling coverage for owners, tenant, and vacant occupancies. Hanover Fire & Casualty is our “hard to place” carrier. They will accept risks not acceptable to our other insurers. They do not require prior coverage, they do not look at customer credit, and will consider more challenging property conditions. Hanover Fire & Casualty will also write student housing. Hanover provides an online quick quoter (no login or password) and an online policy processing system (login + password required). Highlights
  • No Prior Insurance Required
  • Student Housing
  • Fuses Acceptable
  • Knob & Tube Acceptable
Written through SUG Quote Request Form:
Mobile Home, Difficult to Place Homeowner
Boat/Personal Watercraft, Dwelling Fire, Seasonal
  • Boat/Watercraft:
    • Quote Request:
  • Dwelling Fire:
    • DP-3 and DP-1 Coverage for all occupancies including vacant.
    • You can schedule as few as two properties into one policy with no limit on the number of properties.
    • Online rating, application upload and online policy access is available. DP3
    • Replacement Cost Rental, Seasonal & Vacant Occupancy
    • **Built 1900 or later
    • Highly Competitive to Consumers with Good Credit
    • Quote Request Form:
  • Seasonal:
    • DP-3 and DP-1 Coverage for all occupancies including vacant.
    • additional coverages, such as Builder’s Risk, and Permitted Vacancy Coverage.
    • You can schedule as few as two properties into one policy with no limit on the number of properties.
    • Markel additionally offers the quickest and easiest online rater, and no logins or password needed.
      • DP3 Replacement Cost (Built 1900 or Later for Both Rental and Vacant Occupancy
      • Highly Competitive to Consumers with Good Credit
      • Quote Request Form:
Preferred Home and Rentals
Preferred Auto & Home
Non-Standard Residence and Comm'l Buildings
Flood, Earthquake and Landslide
Homeowners, Coastal Property, Dwelling Fire, Tenant / Condos / Co Ops, Seasonal Homes, Personal Liability, Umbrella, and Flood
Non-Standard Residence and Comm'l Buildings
Non-Standard Residence and Comm'l Buildings
Earthquake, DP-1, HO-3 HO-4, HO-6, Boat, Bike, Umb
RLI offers an excellent stand alone product, that is both admitted and direct bill. A “sweet spot” for this product has always been for preferred / standard customers, whose home and auto underlying policies were not with the same carrier. Pricing for these risks is competitive with standard carriers. RLI has expanded their underwriting appetite and now they will also consider more moving violations, accidents, vehicles and properties than before. Highlights Liability limits from $1,000,000 up to $5,000,000, either primary or excess. Excess UM/UIM available in most states. Expanded underwriting guidelines. Drivers of any age. 20–21 year old drivers can have up to 1 incident. Drivers with an international license. Up to 1 DWI/DUI per household. Up to 6 moving violations and 3 at fault accidents per household. Up to 10 autos (+25 antique autos) per household. Up to 10 properties per household (5 can be rentals) Up to 5 non-U.S. properties per household Quick Quoter available on our web site. Online application upload also available (login credentials needed).
Preferred and Non-Standard Auto, Home
Homes, Condos - across US -
1-4 unit rentals - all on one policy
Non-Standard Home and Rentals, Home, Condo, Mfg Home, Seasonal
  • Dwelling Fire:
    • DP-3 Key Points
      • Replacement Cost Settlement
      • Building Limits:
        • Up to $500k (Rental, Seasonal)
        • Up to $1 Million (DP-3 Vacant)
      • Up to 80 Years of Age
      • Short-Term Rentals (Airbnb/HomeAway)
      • All Protection Classes
    • DP-1 Key Points:
      • ACV Settlement
        • Building Limits: Up to $500k
        • Older Homes, Lower Value
        • Short-Term Rentals
        • Builder’s Risk/ Renovation
        • All Protection Classes
        • No Age Restrictions
    • Quote Request Form:
  • Non-standard Homeowners HO3:
    • Replacement Cost Loss Settlement
    • Building Limits Up to $500k
    • All Protection Classes
    • Up to 80 Years of Age
    • Full water coverage with optional buy-down
    • Quote Request Form:
  • Condo:
    • Program is available for owner-occupied, seasonal, and rental units.
    • Vacant units are acceptable and should be written in the Dwelling (DP-1) program.
    • Building limits available up to $500,000, premises liability is included at $100,000 with options to increase up to $500,000.
    • Named Peril HO-6
      • Loss Settlement: Replacement Cost for Dwelling; ACV for Contents (Replacement Cost Optional)
      • Allow for Prior Claims (Including Water Losses)
      • Short-Term Rentals Accepted (including Airbnb)
      • No Age Restrictions
      • Allow for Units Attached To/Converted From Commercial Risks
      • All Protection Classes Accepted
    • Quote Request Form:
  • Mfg Home:
    • This program allows owner-occupied, seasonal, and rental units.  However, vacant units can be placed in the Dwelling (DP1) program.
    • Loss Settlement Options:
    • Quote Request Form:
    • ACV
    • Agreed Value
    • Replacement Cost (Up to 30 Years)
    • Building Limit Up to $300k
    • Liability – Comprehensive Personal or Premises Up to $500k
    • No Age Restriction (ACV or Agreed Value)
    • All Protection Classes
  • Seasonal:
    • Multiple settlement options – Up to 500k (DP-1 Owner occupied, Seasonal, Rental) (DP-3 Rental) – Up to $1 Million (DP-1 Vacant DP-1) (DP-3 Seasonal & Vacant)
Preferred Auto & Home
Non-Standard Auto - specialty is SR-22 Bonds
Seasonal & Vacant Dwellings (Available direct and through SUG...write direct with carrier)
    • No Prior Insurance Required **In most cases
    • Under Renovation
    • Dwelling, Condo, Commercial Buildings and Manufactured Home
    • Builders Risk
    • Terms Available in 3, 6, or 12 Month Options
  • Allstate
  • Bristol West (Auto only)
  • Dairyland
  • Encompass
  • Foremost Specialty
  • Kemper
  • Grange
  • Guard (Home only)
  • MetLife Auto & Home
  • National General (Auto only)
  • Safeco
  • Stillwater
  • Travelers
  • Allstate
  • Alfa
  • American Strategic
  • CNA
  • Dairyland/Viking
  • Foremost (PL & CL)
  • Grange
  • Guard
  • Hiscox
  • MetLife Auto & Home
  • Safeco
  • State Auto
  • Stillwater
  • Travelers (CL and PL)

Homeowner's Policy Highlights

In addition to traditional occupants, GUARD’s products have been designed for situations where business and personal insurance needs overlap, such as:
  • residences owned by business entities such as LLCs or corporations
  • dwellings for rent (written under HO2, HO3, or HO6 with an endorsement for rental units)
  • home-sharing services (e.g., Airbnb)
  • residences where certain incidental business activities occur

Popular Add-Ons

  • Service Line Coverage
  • Home Systems Protection
  • Identify Fraud
  • Earthquake
  • Scheduled Personal Property
  • Sinkhole Collapse
  • And more!


  • Newly purchased home (with copy of the buyer’s inspection report)
  • New construction of recently renovated dwelling
  • Another policy with GUARD
  • “Agency Auto Bundle”
  • Approved and properly maintained protective devices in place (burglar alarm, fire alarm, automatic sprinkler, water sensors)
  • Self-inspection
**These are to be used for informational and demonstrative purposes only. Not for distribution to the public.
Please let us know if you have questions/concerns/feedback at